Photos courtesy of Matt Adams



Uesay apparel was born from a personal interest in screenprinting bright and colorful bandanas to wear while I trained as an ice speedskater. In time, the name grew into an alternative identity for me as an American athlete as I continually experienced intentional hurdles to success at the hands of the US Olympic Committee and US Speedskating. While this brand is personal, not feeling American is–for often much greater reasons–a common reality in which many US citizens find themselves.


Uesay Apparel rebrands it’s phonetic namesake, “USA”, by taking something definingly American at its most elementary, visual level and reconsidering what it means to be American. Do we find Americanness in the spelling and colors, the formalities and structures of America’s origins or in a commitment to the diversity of people and ideas which thread its fabric? Which values do we choose to protect? Are we status quo apologists and defenders or willing participants and advocates of it’s dynamic culture? How strong is your sense of American identity?