Photos coutesy of Dylan Sosso

As both speedskater and visual artist, the mechanics of my body guide the marks I make. These marks are byproducts, records and meditations on movement and time–like notches on a wall or tallies on a notepad. They embody repetition, physical practice and futility. In my years of international speedskating competition, I made thousands of marks as I moved over canvases of ice and the dry grounds of training facilities. In the studio, athletic marks begin to change when removed from their original environments. They become their own forms and embody their own materiality and beauty–often revealing something about my body I hadn’t before realized.


Dryland Meditations record movements of speedskating exercises used in off-one training. These condensed moments of energy captures the beauty of physical movement and the magnitude of time it takes to acquire skill. Each mark holds within itself both a moment in time and thousands of hours of practice.


Dryland Meditations: 2’ Dryskate, LOW!!

Dryland Meditations: 8 x Cable Sprints

Dryland Meditations: 2’ in/out j’s
Graphite paste

5,672 x
tape, charcoal

Each season, a speedskater training with my program would skate close to 5,672 laps on the ice, each lap taking between 25 and 38 seconds. This playful wall of 5,672 pieces of tape suggests speedskating strokes over tracks ice as well as ebbs and flows, the highs and lows of training and competing. Like training, taping the wall was difficult, monotonous, repetitive and uncomfortable. During the process the practices of athletics and fine art blend as new skills improve and beauty is created in repetition.